Criminal Law : Assault

Collin County Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael D. Curran assists and represents clients charged with both misdemeanor and felony cases in Dallas County, Texas for over 30 years. The Law Offices of Michael D. Curran offers aggressive, professional criminal defense to all clients and persons we represent.



Juvenile Matters

The law firm of Michael D. Curran has been practicing juvenile law for over 30 years. It is important to know that the law and the procedures used in juvenile procedures are much different than adult criminal proceedings. The juvenile justice system is geared towards rehabilitations and in most cases, even if there is a successful prosecution, the juveniles have the right to have their record sealed when they reach 18 years of age. Thus wiping out any record of any wrong doing in the criminal justice system

Juvvenile Detention Hearings

When a juvenile has been picked up and brought to the Collin county juvenile detention center a hearing is held the next business day to determine whether or not the juvenile can be released to their parents or remain in custody for another 14 days. It is very important that if your child is detained at the juvenile detention center that you immediately contact our law office so we can be present the following day to represent your child at the hearing and secure your child’s release

Deferred Prosecution

Deferred Prosecutions in the juvenile criminal system is commonly referred to as D-pro. This is an informal probation where by the child does not appear before the district court judge who presides over juvenile cases but merely enters into an informal agreement with the juvenile probation department to be on a deferred prosecution where certain terms and conditions of probation will be imposed preventing an actual juvenile cased being filed and record generated in the juvenile system that could later affect the juvenile’s job prospects and other situations. Our law office has been successful in securing deferred prosecutions for juveniles however it is critical that as soon as your child becomes involved with the juvenile criminal system that you immediately contact our office because time is of the essence in securing a deferred prosecution.